Engage richer conversation with your customers via QR Code or NFC Tags.

Geolocation is a game Changer.
Create tailored experience for each moment of need

1-Click to Buy


In-store : Your QR code displays store coupons, reviews or pre-sales informations.

At-home : The same QR code displays 1-click to buy button, the stores nearby and much more

Grow your community. Boost your sales.

Our mission

We enable brands of all size to engage relevant conversations
with their customers, at the right moment of need.

How it works


QR Code or NFC Tags are all you need to make your product smarter with Solyo.

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You can use your existing QR code or ask for our shiny and highly visible QR code stickers. Visibility is key to start engaging with your customers. If you prefer NFC tag, it will also work like a charm!


Choose among our widgets to personalize your experience : in-store, at-home.

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On the Solyo Platform, customize your engagement campaigns by choosing among our selection of widgets. 

In-Store Campaign : Present pre-sales widgets such as in-store coupon, product features or read reviews. 

In-house Campaign : Present post-sales widgets such as 1-click to buy,  Store nearby or newsletter sign-up.

Possibilities are endless to engage richer conversation with your customers.


Capture new leads, actionable insights. Grow your community and your sales.

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Solyo Analysis will measure all customers interactions in real-time, capture new leads, benchmark your product placement per store, collect feedback and actionable insights. Customer experience has become the number ONE priority of most inovative brands. Don’t stay behind.

Build up your community and boost your sales!

Solyo : A Cloud Platform

Customize your QR Code Campaign on the Solyo Platform. Within minutes, you create stunning mobile experience for in-store or at-house engagement. Choose the widgets you need, organize them the way you want and that’s it.

Recent Work


  • 1-Click to buy on Shopify
  • 1-Click to buy on Amazon
  • Stores nearby
  • Newsletter Sign-Up on Mailchimp

Success Stories

We want our customers to truly connect with the wines we represent, to form a bond with the vineyard itself, the wine maker, the winery and their history. Solyo gives us the platform to quickly and effectively bring robust, interactive experiences directly to the mobile devices of our customers, in the comfort of their own home. Together, My French Cellar and Solyo are delivering the next-generation experiences that delight customers and generate significant additional sales for all our partners and retailers

Delphine S. Le Devehat

Founder and CEO, My French Cellar

Stunning Customer Experience

Solyo experts will show you how to create groundbreaking QR Code marketing campaigns.
You get free onboarding trainings and unlimited access to our Solyo Success Angels.

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