A QR Code on your product is all you need to start engaging with your customers.

While most QR codes redirect to the website, they do without context and most of the time, to the website. Whether the QR is scanned from home, from a store or during an event. These are missed opportunities to engage with customers at the right moment of need.

When your product is scanned from home, these are use cases to consider :

  • Show all stores nearby selling your product
  • Display 1-click to buy instant refill from your partner retailers
  • Display Survey
  • Show similar products to unveil cross-sell opportunities
  • Display details post-sales information
  • Facilitate product reviews
  • Sign-up for newsletter
  • and  don’t choose one or the other, Solyo UX mobile platform will show all these widgets in a stunning manner, dynamically updated based on the scanned location.

When your product is scanned from a store, these are use cases to consider :

  • Show authenticated product coupon
  • Show Product reviews
  • Show pre-sales information to expedite sales process
  • Send product info to customer’s email


QR code on a event ticket can become a game to engage your audience

  • GPS location will detect if the scan happens at the event location
  • Time of scan will detect if the scan happens during the event


One QR code can display multiple information based on scanned location

  • Ideal for tourist information
  • Understand activity on each location
  • Count scans
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