QR Code Best Practices

Customer engagement best practices with your QR Code 

QR codes have been around for years but are now on the rise for an exponential adoption through Smart Packaging.

Multiple factors explain this inflection point:

  • Customer Engagement has become mission critical for brands of all size and QR codes offer limitless possibilities to reach, engage and convert audiences into active customers.
  • Payment and Blockchain : Widely adopted for contact less payments, QR Codes are now on the hook with Blockchain.
  • Native integration in Smartphones : Apple integrated a QR code reader to its native camera app with IOS 11.
    QR codes are everywhere and new use cases show up every day accelerating their adoption.  Are you ready for differentiation ? Are your ready to delight your customers and grow faster ?

From Customer Engagement to Customer Experience

Innovation in customer engagement practice has become mission critical for brands of all size willing to build and grow their community.  Inspiring customer experience optimize every interactions, every touchpoints your customers have with your business to drive the very best possible outcomes. QR code is the perfect gateway to facilitate richer interactions along your customers journey.


Geolocation for QR Codes is a game changer

QR codes offer endless possibilities to boost your customer engagement practices. For years, they pointed to the brand website and, at best, the product page. In 2019, you can do so much more.Engage intelligent conversations with your customers.

QR code with geolocation now enable brands to engage with the customers with the most relevant experience, at the right time, at the right place. These new Contextual Engagements are also known as Moment Marketing.

In-store, QR codes can display relevant pre-sales engagement such as in-store coupons, product presentation, product authentication, product reviews and so on.

Solyo detects the store the QR code is scanned and will display a coupon specific to each store. One unique QR code enable hundreds of different retailers!

During an event, sport game or a live concert, the location and the time will transform your QR code in an lottery ticket to build up your email list while entertaining consumers with an aspirational prize. QR code can be everywhere : on the ticket, on a plastic glass and the French fries pails.

At-home, the very same QR code can display post-sales engagement such as 1-click to buy button for instant refill, direct access to product support, display the stores nearby based on geolocation. Possibilities are limitless as Solyo integrates with most widely of the platform : Amazon, Shopify, Mailchimp, Vivino or Hubspot to name just a few. You are just few clicks away to put your QR code on Steroids, boost your customer engagement and sales. But that’s not it!

Learn from each scan

What if the exact same QR code get twice more scans in one store than the other ? Then you have just learned about your product placement in each store. Solyo Analytics shows at a glance unexpected actionable insights to further target campaigns as never before.


Make your QR Code visible

NFC or QR code ? You choose. The only key for success is to make your QR code visible and attractive. Be creative to have your customers to scan and Solyo will do the rest.

Welcome to QR code best practice for 2019.
Connect, Engage, Grow.
Welcome to Solyo.

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